Discussion: Christian Worldview

Review the rubric that is linked below to make sure you understand the criteria for earning a maximum of 30 points for this discussion.Download and read the document Understanding the Christian Worldview, written by Online Chaplain Bob Burchell.Prepare to address the following prompts:Describe your personal worldview.How does your worldview influence the choices and decisions that you make in your personal and professional life? Share specific examples.How do you view other worldviews that differ from your own?Discuss several beliefs that are unique and fundamental to the Christian worldview.Your initial post should be four paragraphs in length, with a minimum of three sentences in each paragraph. Your post should be submitted by the end of day #4 of this workshop.Cite and reference one source to support your insights and answers.Read and respond to at least two classmates’ initial posts by the end of the workshop. You are encouraged to respond to the follow-up instructor questions directed to you. Your responses to classmates should be a minimum of six sentences in length.Forum participation (including initial post and responses) occurs on at least two different days of the workshop.

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