Discussion methodological approach | Psychology homework help


For this discussion, complete the following:

· Match your research question to a methodological approach.

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Research Questions

1.   the experience of addiction recovery among adults with a history of childhood trauma? (Case Study Question)

2. How has your childhood experience affected substance use? (Phenomenological Question)

3. How do people who experience childhood trauma understand how it affects their social life? (Generic Qualitative Inquiry)

4. Is the urban population susceptible to childhood trauma and substance abuse than the rural population? (Grounded Theory Question)

5. For how long have you used drugs? (Ethnography)

· Describe the methodological approach (2–3 paragraphs) and research model aligned within the methodological approach (for example, Giorgi—empirical phenomenology, and Moustakas—transcendental phenomenology).

· Provide a rationale for how this methodological approach will lead to an answer for the research question.

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