Discussion prompts

Discussion prompts. This discussion prompts you to identify and discuss current trends in professional nursing. You must search the Internet for a “hot topic” that relates to nurses and nursing for your assignment (see Hot Topic Assignment)

  1. Review the types of topics that are covered in this course (i.e., professional, ethical, and legal issues).
  2. Search the Internet for a current story related to one of the course topics( ex: Covid 19, 5g network etc). Topics may be ethical, legal, political, or professional in nature. The story must be no older than 1 year. Do not use wikis, Wikipedia, Facebook, or other social media. Instead, look for stories that may be found in, but not limited to, online news sites, professional organizations’ issues pages, or journal editorials.
  3. Your answer post
    • A summary of the current internet story/ article you selected in #2 above.
    • Identify the name of the site you selected and provide a working URL/web address so your classmates can visit the site to read about the issue. For purposes of this Discussion only, the URL linked to the internet story you selected will serve as your outside source for the week.
  • ***400 words response with reference and in text citation***
  • ***Must provide link to the article***

2. What is your take on the shortage of PPE for healthcare during this pandemic?

*150 words response with reference and in text citation***

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Discussion prompts

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