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1. Comedian Louis C.K. is skillful in capturing the cognitive dissonance we experience between our moral beliefs and our actual moral behavior. To what extent is Louis C.K. right that our lives are evil? How might appreciating the work of a morally compromised artist like Louis CK himself create cognitive dissonance? Is it possible to separate the work from the artist? Is it necessary?

I sometimes have the same doubts about my life because I like to eat beef, and knowing that the meat factories raise cows just for the killing makes me uncomfortable. But, I can’t get rid of my eating habit. I use the electronic devices because they are so awesome and convenient. The process of manufacturing semiconductor is high pollution, and we only have one earth. Yes, I think my like is evil.

It is possible to separate the work from artist, and it is necessary, otherwise, people like me can sleep well at night. We all use cellphones, but if we all concentrate too much on the waste and poison in the process of making cellphones, there will be no new cellphone in the future. Someone uses the consciences of air pollution and ecosystem disasters to sell the electronic cars and the batteries of the electronic cars turn out to be more toxic and environmentally harmful.

2.What are the three most important virtues by which you live? Identify any comedian or any form of comic medium that represents these virtues and describe the representation. Please include a link to a clip (or article) that best illustrates your point.

Courage, compassion, and respect are the 3 most important virtues. Courage is not about being without fear, and it is to face the fear and move on. Compassion is to act with selflessness. Putting others’ needs higher than one’s is compassion. Respect is showing self respect. Those who resect themselves will respect other’s opinions.

The inspector has these virtues because he has unbeatable courage, strong compassion, and appropriate respect to his co-workers, his supervisors, and the police force.

2.I believe Louie C.K. is right in how he says our lives are evil. In my opinion I think he means we can all live less luxurious lives in order to help people that are in need and be kinder to one another. In the article “Louis C.K and Philosophy”, he mentions we buy cell phones that are made in factories where people commit suicide because of horrible conditions, just so we can leave negative comments on social media (Torosyan 2014).

This is one example of how our lives can be evil. He makes us think about our lives through cognitive dissonance from much of his comedy, which is a psychology term that refers to situations that involve having conflicting attitudes, beliefs or behaviors (McLeod, 2018). We know we are not being evil wanting and being able to buy and use a cell phone, but we also know that it could have been made at the expense of a human life, and then turn around and leave mean comments on social media, this is where I think the conflict is. Louis C.K. I think is not playing a character in his comedy, even on his own show, and I think he shows us examples of cognitive dissonance through most of his comedy. He is always in conflict with himself about what is right and wrong.

The three virtues I live by are to be kind to everyone, be generous when I have the ability too, and to show respect and be respectful, as I think that’s important especially in our society today. I have been watching a lot of Seinfeld recently. I had never watched the show before. I was able to find this clip about respect and respecting others below, no matter what there profession is in this case:


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