Discussion solution: proj420 – project risk management – week 7

The most important part of review process is to update the risk plan. Part of the process is to identify new risks and work to assign risk owners and action owners as well as mitigation suggestions. Additionally, the review process is to see how well the process the working. Implementation is an ongoing process therefore the risk plan should be an ongoing document and kept up to date. The Risk plan is the document is a communication piece that keeps all stakeholders a breast of the process as well as changes and updates to the process.


You are the Project Manager for a just-completed project, and you are organizing the workshop meeting. How will you decide who should be included in the review process? 

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As you are going through the review, you see that one of the risks responses was not effective. What will you suggest be put in the documentation to help future Project Managers avoid this same response?



Do you think the post-project review is necessary? Why? (Tell me what you think about the process, if you don’t think it’s necessary.) 

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