Discussion week 2 i must have original work no exception!! with one

This is the discussion; 

Societal attitudes change over time on many issues. Respond to these two questions in this week’s discussion:

  • If societal attitudes change over time, how might these changing attitudes affect a manager’s job over the next few years?
  • What would be one thing you would do as a manager to promote a positive corporate culture in a global environment?

Be sure to respond to at least one of your classmates’ posts.

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This is the post I need a reponse to:


Societal attitudes are certainly in flux during this period of time. We have born witness to so much change in our current domestic labor market, that any of us would be hard pressed to disagree that times aren’t different from when we ourselves entered the labor market. There is more of an emphasis on a humanist (or human skills) related managerial skill. With few workers competing for many jobs (Ip), managers have to work hard to ensure their employees are finding satisfaction with their work, pay, benefits and finding satisfaction to stay in their roles or be promoted. Less attention is paid to the things of business and more to the people making business work.

As management, we are called to create a positive relationship and have good communication with our employees to answer to their needs for their work environment. Will we always be able to change some of the factors of their job conditions – perhaps not. But, to have open communication and a professionally respectful relationship requires only slightly more effort on the part of management than a classical or scientific management perspective. Communicating with your employees and advocating for them in the workplace makes a difference. Even if they do not ask for help, offering help and listening make a world of difference. When considering the changes that have happened in the worplace during just the Covid-19 Pandemic alone, promoting a postive, safe and mutually beneficial work environment is more important than ever to keep your workers, promote them and attract more workers to your business.

Greg Ip. September 21, 2022. Workers’ Changing Attitudes Tighten Labor Market. https://www.wsj.com/articles/workers-changing-attitudes-tighten-labor-market-11663765201.

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