Distant Learning Discussion

When you are posting a text-based thread, it must be substantive and a minimum of 250 words. (Remember this is discussion). Each thread must contain 3 APA style, peer-reviewed references. Current APA reference format is required for citations, and a reference list in current APA format is required at the conclusion of each thread. Proper grammar, as outlined in the APA manual, is expected.

Please choose 1 of the following discussion topics for this module/week. Please answer it as if it was you being asked to fulfill this task:

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Topic 1: What do you feel are the most significant advantages and disadvantages for Internet-based learning for students at your genre of educational institution and why?

Topic 2: If you are currently using a course management system, what components do you feel are of the highest value to you as a learner? What changes would you suggest to your instructor and the vendor for improving the product?

Topic 3: Hypothetically, you have been assigned to teach a new online course at your place of employment next term. Where do you start? What are your highest priorities for getting this course planned and delivered and why?

Topic 4: In what ways do you and/or your friends and colleagues use Web 2.0, including activities unrelated to school? What potential do you see in these technologies for online learning?

Topic 5: What do you feel are the most significant trends in online learning? Why are

these important?

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