Session Long Project

You will create a final a marketing project using assignments you created during the class. It is not necessary to create new content other than an introduction and conclusion for the project; but you are required to address comments provided by your faculty member and make updates accordingly.

Using the template provided, complete the comprehensive SLP for MKT501. Since you have a series of different references lists for each assignment, you will need to combine them for this submission.

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To make the work flow better, add a sentence at the end of each section or the beginning of the next to connect them.

SLP4: Strategic Marketing Plan

Product Overview
Product/Service Overview (used in your discussions)

Customer Profiling
Module 1: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Module 1: Week 2 Discussion Post.

Customer Demographics and Psychographics
Module 1: Case.

Customer Relationship Management
Module 1: Case.

Target Audience and Competition
Module 1: SLP (Application to Product/Service).

Societal Marketing
Module 2: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Creative Message
Module 2: Week 2 Discussion Post.

Segmentation Application
Module 2: Case.

Gap Analysis, Benchmarking and Competitive Advantage
Module 2: Case.

Competition, Segmentation, Positioning, Lifetime Value
Module 2: SLP. Must be reformatted and double-spaced.

Module 3: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Module 3: Week 2 Discussion Post.

IMC: Integrated Marketing Communications
Module 3: Case (Application).

Competition and Boosting online Presence
Module 3: SLP.

Module 4: Week 1 Discussion Post.

Perceived Value
Module 4: Week 2 Discussion Post.

Margins and Sales Volume
Module 4: Case.

Use the attached APA-formatted template (MKT501 SLP4) to create your submission.

SLP Assignment Expectations

Your submission will include:

  • University cover page
  • A paper with APA citations (2- to 3-sentence introduction, body, 2- to 3-sentence conclusion)
  • The reference list page in APA format

The entire paper will vary in length based on what was previously submitted.


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