Diversity in the Workplace Discussion 2

Diversity in the Workplace Discussion 2.

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The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission was created with the passage of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. The role of the Commission was to ensure equal opportunity in the workforce for women. Historically, men have dominated certain occupations, and the Commission was empowered to help afford more opportunities to women. However, as demonstrated by Census data and job research, men continue to dominate certain occupations. 

Please respond to the following prompts:

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  • Discuss why you think this disparity continues to exist in the workplace, and provide solutions that you would implement to help fix this problem.  
  • Conduct research on occupations that both men and women tend to dominate, and share your personal views on the matter.

There are no wrong answers to this question; however, you must back up your main points with credible sources and provide correct citations in APA format. A minimum of 2 outside sources are required to help support your ideas. The following Web sites have been provided as examples (these sources are examples only and are not permitted to be cited in your work):

Diversity in the Workplace Discussion 2

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