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Human Computer Interaction Many web sites today encourage a web community, e.g. social bookmarks, academia, Twitter. HCI is important in the success of such sites, as users who don’t enjoy their experiences don’t come back. Web sites that attract and keep people are called “sticky”. The site you choose must be confirmed by your instructor to already have an active community not over 100,0000, i.e. do not choose already highly successful websites like Facebook. Choose one that is just getting started, i.e. one that might ask you for an evaluation! If you choose one that is too good you may lose the points given for finding problems.   You have been asked by its owners to evaluate it and suggest improvements. Write a professional report of up to 3000 words, that covers both technical and HCI aspects. The brief template below shows how to layout a report.   ======== Report Template  (meaningful title in Times New Roman Bold 16 pt)   Authors names and emails (i.e. of your group)   Abstract  (up to 200 words) [Abstract heading is Times New Roman (TNR) 14 Bold.  Text is TNR 11 Italics]   Summarize your report: a sentence to explain the topic, a sentence to say why it is important and a short summary of what you found and finally any conclusions or recommendations.   Introduce the system  (about 500 words) Describe who the system’s intended users are and why they will use this software, i.e. indicate the stakeholders and their motives.   Describe in general terms what the system aims to do and the main services it offers. Give a link to the system and three links to similar other systems.   Describe in general terms the HCI interaction structure, including the menus or controls the user sees, how they navigate the site (e.g. by tabs), how it identifies users (and any roles), how user feedback is given, any multi-media, and anything else relevant.   Do not get into too much detail at this point – just an overview of the system, with some screenshots.

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