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TripSmart is what we are doing, the data folders have the images and the information needed.In the book each week is a continuation of adding one more thing .I need mistakes fixed and chapter 5 (5-39 and 5-40)  finished and


 chapter 6 (Complete the assignment located on pages 6-44 to 6-45, under “Project Builder 1” in your textbook for TripSmart.)  making any sense to you? Before we go any further I need to tell you up front if you can help me I can not  pay a big price for your help.

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That would be awesome…..question is can you do it for 20.00 because that is all I can afford, but I can use your services regularly.


 ist zip the tripsmart folder is my root folder and the other folder is the data that is needed to do this assignment. It is one web page being built weekly and I need my chapt 5 fixed and the lesson in chapt 6 done.

I did the other parts up to # 13 and could not finish

thats chapter 5 the one I am late on and chapter 6 is due saturday


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