Dual relationships (social work) | SOCW 2002 – Basic Skills for Social Work Practice | Walden University


In addition to filling the role of social worker, helping professionals may find themselves in a position to fill other roles, such as friend, financial planner, sexual partner, landlord, or employer. A dual relationship, such as this, is considered an ethical issue and raises complex questions about how social workers conduct and comport themselves within the wider community. A choice concerning a dual relationship represents a common and challenging issue in the social work profession. What would you do?

In this Discussion, you consider whether or not social workers who engage in more than one relationship with a client risk ethical dilemmas and violations.

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By Day 3


  • Explain in your own words the meaning of dual relationships.
  • Describe an example of a dual relationship.
  • Explain the rationale for avoiding dual relationships with clients
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