E-learning and its importance

E-learning and its importance
E-learning has proved its effectiveness in supporting the educational process. It has appropriately kept pace with ongoing technological changes, resulting in high level of interactivity, creativity and skills’ development. The technologies associated with e-learning surpassed the limits of space and time to converge with the learning objectives, which in turn leads to the focus of the learner to control and manage his/her learning. E-learning technologies have pushed the educational process toward self-regulated learning and lifelong learning.

Virtual learning, as a part of e-learning system, brought about many environment and electronic systems like Learning Management System (LMS), Learning Content Management System (LCMS), and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) which collectively support all aspects of the educational process of the learner but kept him/her unable to control his learning. This does not achieve the cooperation principle among learners, making the interaction limited which is in contrast with lifelong objectives, leading many educators to be reluctant to use these systems and instead initiate alternative systems to provide learners more control and interaction features that align with their personal needs. This is where PLE emerge based on the integration of a range of applications, services and tools from the Web2.0 and customize it to learners’ needs
Harmelen (2006) explains the growing need of lifelong learning as a result of two reasons: the first is the technological advances which push people towards improving skills levels and knowledge to keep informed in their specialties; second is the development of educational methods which encourages the e-learning.
Many studies have also emphasized the importance of PLE. The participation in building PLE and usage in developing different digital skills needed for instance digital responsibility and literacy, maintaining social skills, the ability to organize content, interaction among students, compiling resources and other various educational skills
Therefore, the most important element in e-learning is the production of educational digital videos. It has become important to acquire technical skills to produce high-quality digital videos such as producing, processing, directing digital video to achieve the desired educational goal in an integrated way.
Having knowledge about digital video editing skills helps the viewer to connect the sound and the image hence the whole process of … . Ibrahim also advocate for preparing personnel/ staff for designing and producing software based on video sequence so they do not have difficulty in preparing them in the future. Other studies lay particular emphasis on building training programs for staff in the field of educational technologies to cultivate their interests in digital video editing
On the light of the aforementioned introduction, the importance of digital video editing skills is highlighted. The researcher, being an administrator at Higher Educational Studies Program (KAU) and a teacher of Video and Educational Television, has noticed students’ lack of video digital skills.
The researcher conducted a pilot study through an electronic questionnaire targeted Educational Technologies MA students who already studied Video and Educational Television and distributed among 43 to make sure that students need to develop digital video editing skills. The results of the study reveal a weakness among students regarding digital video editing skills where 51% of students reported difficulties in using and employing the skills correctly and 13% responded with a total lack of knowledge about them.
The researcher also conducted interviews with faculty members who taught Video and Educational Television. The majority of instructors noticed the low level of the educational video produced by students as a result of not applying all basic skills needed in educational videos or using them incorrectly. Almost all instructors agreed that course content is disproportional to the number of hours that are assigned to the course. The mode of teaching all students at the same time proved to downplay the chances of proper interaction and exchange of experience among students and moreover did not take into account students’ individual differences and needs.
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