EC225 Rasmussen College Module 03 Cost vs Risk Discussion Paper

Families encounter risks of varying degrees every day. For some, every day is a matter of survival and making ends meet. These families may deal with various types of types of risks often. For example, “Family X” experienced a house fire that made their house uninhabitable. When they purchased their home, they choose not to take advantage of homeowner’s insurance as they felt it was too expensive.

In a 1-2 page reflection paper, discuss what you think about this. In your paper be sure to include your thoughts to these questions:

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1. What type of risk this family is taking

2. What are some possible reasons this family can have for believe that paying the cost of insurance is a greater risk than going through a catastrophe without insurance?

3. how would you assist this family to work through the risk to create a plan to prevent the problem of not having homeowners insurance?

4. What would you do to motivate the family to research and purchase homeowner’s insurance?

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