Economic Shock Assignment

Economic Shock Assignment.

Part 1

For this assignment, research the economic affects of natural disasters. You can research the economic affects of large localized events or the more general natural disasters in general. Some types to focus on: floods, earthquakes, tornados, drought, sunamis, hurricanes, or wildfires. It is likely that you can find studies that focus on one particular natural disaster as a whole or the more general study of natural disasters as a whole.
One problem that is often discussed by those who research economic issues is that many times news stations and popular press type companies miss the important issues, simply misunderstand the issues, or chose to sway the facts to fit a certain viewpoint or bias. Our goal with these remaining assignments will be to take the different prompts given, evaluate their validity using Economic Journal articles and use these to either support or refute (based upon each set of instructions) and then explain this issue in a way that the general public would understand. Often, it appears, that the news that is available to us uses a particular set of information to explain an issue in a way that may or may not be accurate.
Your goal with these assignments is to always try to find the RELEVANT information using Economic Journal articles and then evaluate those in relation to published news articles or video news. 
Your assignment will be counted off one point for each minute that it is submitted late •Research your chosen issue. Find three articles that discuss this issue. One can be a video or popular press article, but the other two must be a journal article from an ECONOMIC JOURNAL.
•In a minimum of 500 words, summarize your findings on this issue.Make sure to focus on how the popular press information agrees (or disagrees) with the journal article information
Your assignment MUST focus on economic issues. 
Your assignment will be counted off one point for each minute that it is submitted late. 
Assignments that do not meet assigned word count, do not address economic issues, or do not addres similarity issues via TurnItIn, will have grade deductions accordingly.  
Important note: During Residency, you should work on summarizing/explaining any issues as if you are explaining these issues to those who are uneducated on the field of economics. For example, a high school senior in the US is required to take on economic class in order to graduate. You should complete any residency assignments as if you are trying to explain these to those high school seniors.
•When completed, upload to the appropriate place in Moodle.•Make sure to type this. Using Word, preferably.•Cite your sources. USE APA Style including in-text citations.
Just a reminder:
The best way to complete this assignment is to:
1. Choose to either research natural disasters or one type or particular natural disaster. You will find much has been writtien on some of the more significant natural disasters such as the recent Tsunami from 2004, Hurricane Harvey, Hurricane Katrina, etc. You will also find much that has been written about a particular type of natural disasters such as the losses associated with wildfires.
2. Find a populat press article that discusses one of these.
3. Go to CU’s library website and start searching. For your settings, choose peer reviewed and academic sources.
4.  Once you have found two (ore more) peer reviewed articles, make sure that the Journal is listed as reputable on one of the links that I have provided in the Residency tab. If it is not, ask your professor before using.
5. Read all of your chosen articles and write after that. Do not copy and paste,
6. Cite your sources.

Economic Shock Assignment

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