Economics 6

Economics 6.

Minimum 150 words each. The reference at the bottom of question refers to the following seven question. Read the article and then answer the following questions. Each question should be 150 words minimum and cited, along with graphs for a couple of the questions..

Analyze the present supply and demand of marijuana in Colorado.

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a. What will happen to existing supply channels?

b. Will the present legalization change the demand? How?

c. Would policy makers expect prices to change? How?

d. What other factors could change the supply and or demand in the near future?

e. Draw a Supply & Demand graph with the situation before legalization (let us say 10 years ago) and the present situation. Which are the changes?

f. Indicate in another Supply and Demand graph, with other factors could change the supply curve or the demand curve in the next two years.

g. What would be the costs and benefits to governments, both in changes in enforcement requirements and in potential tax revenue? Estimate the impact in crime, public health and other non-economic issues.

References. See:

“Marijuana: Should the United States legalize marijuana?” Issues & Controversies, Infobase Learning, 11 Nov. 2016, Accessed 28 Mar. 2017.

Economics 6

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