Economics History Problem Set 1 MCQ Exercise

A. Multiple Choice (0.5 pint each)

1. As a typical example of path dependence, which of the following explains the survival of QWERTY keyboard till today?

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a. The QWERTY layout is less costly to produce.
b. The QWERTY layout avoids typebar tangling.
c. People are familiar with QWERTY layout and it is not efficient to deviate. d. The QWERTY layout can better avoid typos.

2. Economic history studies can offer unconventional insights into important questions. Based on Robert Fogel’s study on American height (1983), which of the following best describes the findings?

a. The final height of American-born white males continuously increased since 1710.
b. The final height of American-born white males dropped during 19th century.
c. The final height of American-born white males remained stable since 1710.
d. The findings support the argument that life quality in America continuously improved since 1710.

3. Economic growth can be driven by many sources, which of the following can be regarded as intensive growth?

a. increasing population due to immigration b. increasing investment on physical capital c. land expansion
d. technological innovation

4. Which of the following factors contributed most to the economic growth from 1840 to 1860?

a. increasing labor supply
b. increasing capital investment
c. land expansion
d. all the other factors, or the residual

B. True or False (0.5 point each)

For the following statements, please first answer true or false. Then provide a brief explanation to your answer.

1. After 1840, land, as an input factor, contributed to the economic growth in an increasing way.

2. After 1840, the growth rate of labor supply exceeded the growth rate of output, suggesting an extensive growth pattern.

C. Short Question (2 points)

1. Please propose and elaborate three sources of productivity increase after 1840.

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