EDDL 613 Conceptual Model of Servant Leadership discussion

Northouse (2016) presents a model of servant leadership in chapter 10 that includes antecedent conditions that affect servant leader behaviors, which produce outcomes such as the growth of followers, the organization, and society. Considering the various configurations, you have reviewed related to servant leadership, how would you modify the servant leadership model presented chapter 10?

  • How would the model look?
  • Would you include all of the conditions, behaviors, and outcomes? If not, which would you exclude? Are there others you would include?
  • Northouse (2016) specifically expresses concern about conceptualizing as a servant leadership behavior. Justify whether you think this behavior is important in the servant leadership model.
  • If you would not change the model presented in the textbook, justify your support for the model as presented.

Use the textbook as well as other Required Studies to support your revisions or justifications. Cite and reference your sources in APA style.

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