Education. For this assignment, write an essay that is a minimum of Four full pages in length. In this essay, discuss a specific conflict that you observed in an organization, and analyze the behaviors and outcomes of that conflict. The example may be any organization of which you are or were a member.

Include the following elements in your analysis. In your paper, please use headings that correspond to these elements

Conflict Scenario: Describe the conflict situation. What happened leading up to this conflict situation? What happened as the conflict occurred? Describe, in detail, the words that were exchanged, the nonverbal communication, and any other actions related to this conflict.

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Analysis of Conflict Behaviors: Using the elements of the socio-cognitive systems learning model, analyze the behaviors (i.e., words, nonverbal communication, and other actions) demonstrated in this conflict example.

Analysis of Conflict Outcomes: Using the elements of the socio-cognitive systems learning model, analyze the outcomes of the conflict.

Analysis of Values and Deep Assumptions: Discuss the clues you observed that may indicate the values and deep, underlying assumptions of the people involved. How do these values and deep assumptions relate to the behaviors that you observed?

Conclusion: Was the conflict resolved, or did it continue to fester? Explain any conclusions you drew from your analysis.

Use APA Style

Reference:  Friesenborg, L (2015). The culture of learning organizations: Understanding Argyris’ theory through a socio-cognitive systems learning model. Brennan-Mitchell.

Schein, E. H. (2010). Organizational culture and leadership (4th ed.). Jossey-Bass.


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