Education. Read the following section of Wood (based on your last name alpha):

Ages 4-5: A-B

Ages 6-7: C-E

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Ages 8-9: F-H

Ages 10-11: I-L

Ages 12-14: M-R

Age 14: S-Z

Identify the key characteristics that influence/support the development & maintenance of peer relationships for your assigned age range (see reading assignments above):

  • What are the characteristics of healthy peer and friend relationships for those ages?
  • What are the characteristics of unproductive or unhealthy peer and friend relationships for those ages?
  • What strategies can help foster healthy relationships for that age group?
  • How can peer relationships help students develop resilience?

For your two responses, be sure to respond to sections different from the one you wrote about.

Individual blog posts should be no more than about 500 words.


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