Electric shock r | Engineering homework help

Most people think of electrocution from overhead wires or dangerous power lines. However, there are also small circuits, such as the ones you learn to design in this course, that are very dangerous. One such example is the electronic cigarette, or E-Cig for short (See Figure 1 below). This is actually a small systems engineering device designed to be carried on your person. It consists of a small dc circuit with voltage, current, and resistance (See Figure 2 below). We know that all current, large and small, can have a dangerous impact on the human body. 

In your original post, answer the following:

  • Identify parts of the E-Cig that constitute voltage, current, and resistance. Discuss the role each plays in the E-Cig and typical values for each including units.
  • Discuss the electrical dangers of an E-Cig. Give specific examples. 
  • There are many electrical safety rules.  Pick one, and discuss its application on a small system, such as the E-Cig.

Figure 1. E-Cigarette

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