ENG 120 Cuyamaca Process Analysis Essay

Essay #1 Instructions: Write a process analysis essay on one of the topics below or one of your own choosing. Be sure the process you choose is one that you know enough about to explain to others or can learn about through observation or research. Imagine your audience consists of readers who are unfamiliar with the process, including your classmates. Use good judgment when selecting a topic. Depending on your topic, your tone might be mostly matter-of-fact, or it might invite some humor or emotion, depending on what is suitable.

Also, depending on your topic, you may need to conduct library or Internet research. Make sure not to plagiarize! Always give credit to the source, if you use one. Your essay will be checked for plagiarism through VeriCite. If you have written a process analysis essay before for a class, you must not recycle old work; this is called “self-plagiarism.” Contact me if you have any questions or concerns about this.

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FORMAT: You should format your final draft essay MLA style, and you can find the specifics with a sample essay here.Links to an external site. Your essay should be doubled-spaced and be approximately 2-3 pages in length.

Required: You should use both literal and figurative language in your essay, like how Cindy Chupack creatively compares dating to shopping in her essay “Dater’s Remorse,” which you can find here.

Lastly . . don’t forget to underline your thesis statement in the final draft!

How-to Essay Topics:

1.) How to improve __________________ (your study habits, your wardrobe, your batting average)

2.) How to be a successful __________________ (diver, parent, gardener)

3.) How to make or buy __________________ (an object for personal use or enjoyment)

4.) How to prepare for __________________ (a test, a job interview, an oral presentation)

How-It-Works Essay Topics:

1.) How your college __________________ (spends tuition revenues, hires professors, raises money)

2.) How __________________ works (an answering machine, a generator, an email, a cell phone)

3.) How a decision is made to __________________ (accept a student at a college, add or eliminate a local or state agency)

4.) How __________________ is put together (a quilt, a news broadcast, a football team, a Web site)

*NOTE: I encourage you to get quite unique with your topics, such as:

  • “How to prepare the perfect unicorn-themed birthday party for a four-year-old”
  • “How to successfully get hired at Yardi Systems, a real estate software company”
  • “How to avoid becoming ‘bridezilla’ as your wedding date approaches”
  • “How to make the best of an eight-hour work shift at Game Stop”

It can also be really serious and meaningful–perhaps no humor at all–such as:

  • “How to cope with a parent who has passed”
  • “How to navigate depression when it hits”

Review the grading criteria below so that you are aware in advance of the grading criteria for this assignment. Please email me if you have any questions.

  • Provides proper background information and context on the process for the relatively unfamiliar reader.
  • Includes a substantially crafted thesis statement that is underlined in this final draft.
  • Integrates a range of effective transitional words and expressions. There is cohesion, flow, and a logical organization of ideas throughout the essay.
  • Integrates a variety of supporting details, both literal and figurative. These details might be concrete, sensory, comparative, etc.
  • Uses proper grammar, punctuation, mechanics, and spelling. Essay is in proper MLA format.
  • Uses appropriate tone, style, and language for this topic, usually anywhere from semi-formal to formal. The writer’s voice emerges confidently throughout the essay.
  • Concludes thoughtfully, restating the thesis in a fresh way and reflecting on the topic in a way that hasn’t been done yet. Perhaps a final recommendation or piece of advice is given. Creative conclusions are acceptable.
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