ENGL 101 paper

ENGL 101 paper.

 Reading: https://www.chronicle.com/article/Why-Do-You-Think-Theyre/123660

why do you think they are called for-profic colleges

 Summarize Carey’s argument using PACES( https://studylib.net/doc/9827188/paces–project–argument–claims–evidence–strategies ). While summarizing, you will also analyze his argument and evaluate the effectiveness thereof. Every paragraph should have summary, analysis, and evaluation. Every paragraph should have at least one quote (no more than two lines long), along with analysis of that quote. Your intro paragraph should introduce the author, the article, the topic, and your final evaluation of the author’s argument (effective or ineffective). Each body paragraph should support and strengthen your claim as to whether the author is effective or ineffective. Your conclusion should summarize your paper while adding no new information. Stick to the Claims and Evidence that are easiest for you to analyze, and do not try to summarize everything the author says. 

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This paper requires:

2 pages.

MLA format.

ENGL 101 paper

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