English 102

English 102.

Unit 1

 For Unit 1, you’ll have a few different assignments to complete. First, you should read all of the attached documents and videos (the two documents in this unit below, along with the Library Instruction videos that are linked) which provide an overview of the work you’ll be doing this semester and get you started with a solid foundation in research-based writing. The material covered in these documents is absolutely vital to your success in the course. After you’ve completed the reading and viewing, you should move on to the Project Plan, which will be your method for selecting a topic to write about this summer. 

Unit 2

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As with the first unit, your work in the second unit should begin with reading all of the assigned material included below. In this unit we’ll begin conducting scholarly research. Your major assignment for the unit will be the submission of an annotated bibliography. Please carefully review all of the guidelines, the overview of Works Cited citations, and the sample annotated bibliography so that you can meet all assignment expectations. The annotated bibliography will be due at the end of the unit (Sunday June 23 at 11:59 p.m.)

As always, please let me know if you need help. The annotated bibliography will require you to perform several tasks (building a research question/thesis, finding sources, citing sources, evaluating sources, and linking sources to your argument), so if you need any help with any of these tasks, please let me know. I’m always happy to answer questions or to review drafts of work ahead of submission.

I’ll also be grading your Project Plan forms as you get them submitted. Make sure to check the feedback that I provide when you get your grade. For some topics, I might ask for additional analysis or clarification in my comments before I approve the topic, so please pay close attention to the feedback that I provide.

English 102

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