ENGLISH 108 essay

ENGLISH 108 essay.

One page essay to write, to tell us your experince in the library.

I will attach an example for my classmate, and it should be the same length, and the same idea, but your own words.


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            This time I am going to share my library orientation experience with you. I think the library orientation was really good and helpful to our future. First, Sara, the librarian, really did a great job explaining how to use the resources in library. She clearly explained all the things step by step.   In addition, we will have more and more work requiring us to do research, therefore knowing how to use the library resources is beneficial to us. The library is a free resource which we can use at almost any time. It is wasted if we do not get anything from it. Overall, this library orientation is helpful in our academic work, I am grateful that I had the chance to be there.

 When I was doing the practice, I still faced some obstacles. My problems were mainly on the part that we have to find the information. I figured out that my problem was being unfamiliar with the system, yet. I believed there are some people who may have the same problem as I do. Practice makes perfect. Thus, I kept practicing, research on different things. Finally, after several times practicing, I overcame all problems by myself. 

If others are going to do this same assignment, I will give them three suggestions which will make it easier. First, you really have to focus on the librarian’s lecture. Once you missed something, it is really hard to catch up later. Secondly, try to follow what the librarian just demonstrated on the screen. During the first time you do it, there will be some problems, so you can ask the librarian immediately. Lastly, I recommend you do it with your partner. It is more fun, and most importantly you can share what you have learned which can enhance both your knowledge and allow you to become more and more familiar with using the library resources.

ENGLISH 108 essay

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