English Analysis Essay

English Analysis Essay.

ENGL 2332: Exam One – The Epic of Gilgamesh

Read these instructions carefully. You don’t get a second chance at completing this assignment.

From the following question, develop a well-organized essay of at least two to two and one-half typed, double-spaced pages.  Use your readings for reference and supply direct quotes from the literature to support your points. No outside resources, other than your reading materials  are to be used. Cite only the reading materials listed in eCampus. . 

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Type your responses into a Word document and upload the document to eCampus.

Use MLA formatting for in-text citations and Works Cited citations.

In Turnitin.com, click on “ENGL 2332 Exam One” to open the link to attach your paper.

Use the following heading on your paper:


ENGL 2332

Exam One

Late submissions will be accepted, but late policies apply. See the course syllabus for exact details. 


Compare and contrast the following gods and goddesses:

Aruru, Ishtar, Anu, Siduri, Tammuz, Enlil, Ereshkigal, and Shamash

For exam one: you need to compare and contrast all 8. You don’t have to write a lot about each one, and sometimes students will put those that are helpful god/goddesses into one category, and the others into the other category, and then compare and contrast that way. 

I don’t have a specific way for you to complete the exam as I expect you have written a compare/contrast essay before; therefore, I leave the organization up to the students, but I would like for you to include all 8 in the response. 

Hope this helps. Thanks, Dr. Forbess

please click the link below for the reading materials to complete this assignment.


English Analysis Essay

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