English essay

English essay.

In a democratic society, our elected representatives have a duty to listen to their constituents’ opinions. One of the most effective ways to make your opinion heard is to write a letter. A typed or hand-written letter carries the most weight with any recipient, more than an email or signing a petition.

  •  Students in this class have a powerful voice in the issue of climate change. This is due, in part, to the following reasons:
    •  After completing the previous lesson plans on climate change science and policy you know more about the issue than most people.
    • Your knowledge of the issue will allow you to write a well-informed and persuasive letter.
    • You are young, and climate mitigation decisions being made right now will affect the rest of your life.
    • You are able to vote. Decision makers know the millennial youth are developing a strong voice and are becoming involved in civic life more than the generations before them.

In international climate negotiations, your voice can make a difference at many different locations in the government. For example:

  • The President sets the general course.
  • The State Department and its Special Envoy for Climate Change take a leadership role in the negotiations.
  • The Senate Foreign Relations Committee reviews any potential treaties.  
  • Congress must ratify any treaties before they become law. 

START By Finding out who you want to address the letter to, find the contact information for your local Senator or Congress person.

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English essay

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