Enterprise Risk Management.

Defense-in-Depth, an IA concept refers to multiple layers of security controls placed throughout an IT system. Post a brief summary of examples of these types of controls in action and your experience with at least one of type of control. Illustrate whether or not you believe, in your experience, this approach is effective. Be sure to indicate in what domain your example occurs:

  • -User domain – any user of our systems falls in this domain, whether inside or outside our organization
  • -Workstation domain – not just computers, but any device our users use
  • -LAN domain – each LAN and the devices that make a LAN work
  • -WAN domain – the system that links devices across long distances; typically this is the Internet which is used by most businesses
  • -LAN-to-WAN domain – the infrastructure and devices that connect our organization’s LANs to the WAN system
  • -Remote Access domain – the technologies used by our mobile and remote users to connect to their customary resources; can include VPN solutions and encryption technology
  • -System/Application domain – technologies used to actually conduct business functions, as opposed to making connections of various types

Enterprise Risk Management

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