ENWR 1001.23

ENWR 1001.23.

Mini-Paper 1

(This assignment is worth 15% of your class grade)

The first pair of readings we discussed this semester focus on how gender behavior and roles are influenced by personal experience and social perspectives.

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For this essay, using your own experiences and knowledge (from other readings, news stories, etc.), Paul Theroux’s essay “Being a Man” and Anna Quindlen’s essay “Between the Sexes, a Great Divide,”write a 800-word analysis on how social expectations impact the way men and women take a position on some aspect of gender and/or sexuality. For example, you can focus onexpectations and behavior relating to career choice, dating, marriage, and child-rearing, or even how gender and sexuality impact the movies and sports.

The only sources you can use are your own knowledge and experience and the two essays. No other outside sources are to be quoted and/or cited.

We will be doing peer reviews on the draft due date. This is an important part of the writing process for this class.

Use MLA style for formatting and citing. Remember to include a Works Cited page for the two essays. Please see me during my office hours (Monday and Wednesday from noon-1:00) and or visit the Metro Writing Studio or submit your paper to e-Tutoring.org for support.

ENWR 1001.23

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