The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reported the percentage of children who had abnormal cholesterol levels according to body weight. Among biys, the percentages of abnormal cholesterol levels for normal, weight, overweight, and obese persons were approximately 15%, 25%, and 45%, respectively. Among girls, the corresponding percentages were approximately 15%, 25%, and 44%, respectively. Based on these data, is there a relationship between gender and cholesterol levels? How does body weight relate to cholesterol levels? Please use statistical terms (ex. frequency, distribution, mean, variance, standard deviation, range, variance, correlation, etc.) in your responses. 


 (5) Each of the responding message and feedback message must be composed properly  so that  i. they directly answer the leading question (in the responding message) and  present your agreement or disagreement (in the feedback message);  ii. each message has 100 and 250 words (excluding reference list or web link);  iii. each message starts with a topic sentence (clearly state the main idea of the  message);  iv. each message displays a positive attitude as described in 5. Professionalism;  v. each message is well supported by at least one reliable source (Books, peer‐ reviewed professional journals, websites of U.S. governments, higher education,  non‐profit organizations, etc.  No .com sources except peer reviewed professional  journals.  Typically acceptable sources are from .gov, .edu, .org.  Wikipedia,  WedMD, or alike are not acceptable.  When a website is used, the complete direct  link must be provided.);  vi. each message displays the number of words at the end of the message in  parentheses.  

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