Paper must be written in APA format and include at least one direct quote with proper citation and reference. You will perform a Web search to watch the video about “ERP Design and Architecture” on YouTube, and then answer the following questioThe ns:

  1. What is an ERP application system?
  2. List some of the modules in an ERP system.
  3. What are the criteria for a well-designed ERP system and why are these criteria so important for business success?
  4. Provide two examples of ERP systems and the functions they provide. One of your choices should be an ERP that is solely based on human resources.
  5. Describe the best design and architecture for an ERP system. Explain in detail why this architecture is the best fit for large companies like Wal-Mart and
  6. Based on your answer above, compose examples of what each server within the ERP provides.
  7. Supplement your responses from the video with at least three additional primary or secondary sources.


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