Essay about Not Guilty by reason of insanity

Essay about Not Guilty by reason of insanity. Write an essay (about 1 page) about the definitions/approaches to legal insanity, specifically, NGRI. In your discussion:

1. refer explicitly to how Mental Disease or Defect is defined (note this changes by case or statute so make sure you ground your explanation in case law.

2. Next discuss the pros and cons to the different approaches to NGRI– advantages and disadvantages to only using a cognitive prong/wrongfulness test, appreciation, volitional prong or combination. In other words, review the major cases (McNaughten, Product Test, ALI, ABA/Federal Code etc.) and discuss the implications of each on addressing legal insanity.

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3. Finally conclude with a discussion of what you would recommend in terms of the best standard for NGRI and why. a In your brief essay address

Essay about Not Guilty by reason of insanity

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