Essay v for vendetta to a real world issue # 1

Essay 2-Rhetoric of Text (@4-6 Pages)

For this essay, you are required to use V for Vendetta and our supplementary texts as idea generators for argumentative topics. 


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What does this mean? In particular, you should find a theme from within the text and write an essay that argues something about the theme and it uses V for Vendetta as evidence of this theme.



When mining V for Vendetta for themes to explore, there are many topics to consider, including:

Government Control


Manuscript Notes: This essay should be four to six double-spaced pages and calls for MLA documentation; you must include a “Works Cited” list at the end of your essay. When you quote key phrases or clauses from your written text(s), you must provide parenthetical documentation.  

use the outline , the pic. word ,and the scene in this essay 

use simple english words 

use some quotes and resource in this essay please sent the resource that you use it in the essay 

foucs in arguments and analyze the idea 

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