Open the Excel workbook Student_Excel_3E_Investment_AS.xlsx downloaded   with this project.

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In cells B10 and C10, enter   formulas to calculate totals for each column.


In cell D5, construct a formula   to calculate the % of Total Projected Investments for Pooled Investments by   dividing the Projected Investments for Next Fiscal Year for Pooled   Investments by the Total Projected Investments for Next Fiscal Year. Use   absolute cell references as necessary, format the result in Percent Style,   and Center the percentage. Fill the formula down through cell D9.


Select the nonadjacent ranges   A5:A9 and C5:C9 as the data for a pie chart, and then insert a 3-D Pie chart.   Move the chart to a New chart sheet named Projected Investments


For the Chart Title, type Projected   Revenue. Format   the Chart Title by applying a WordArt style. In the first row, apply the   second style. Change the Font Size to 32.


Remove the Legend chart element,   and then add the Data Labels chart element formatted so that only the   Category Name and Percentage display positioned in the Center.


Change the Font Size of the data   labels to 12, and then apply Bold. Format the Data Series using a 3-D Format   effect. Change the Top bevel and Bottom bevel to the last bevel style in the   last row. Set the Top bevel Width and Height to 350 pt and then set the Bottom bevel Width and Height   to 0. Change the Material to the third Standard Effect, Plastic.


Display the Series Options, and   then set the Angle of first slice to 100 so that the Pooled Investments slice is in the   front of the pie. Select the Pooled Investments slice, and then explode the   slice 10%. Change the Fill Color of the   Pooled Investments slice–in the fifth column, apply the fourth color. Format   the Chart Area by applying a Gradient fill using any Preset gradient style.



Format the Border of the Chart   Area by adding a Solid line border—in the fifth column, apply the first   color. Change the Width to 5 pt.


Display the Page Setup dialog   box, and then for this chart sheet, insert a custom footer in the left   section with the file name.


Display Sheet1 and rename the   sheet as Investment Sources. Click in any blank cell to cancel any selections.   In cell A12, type Goal: Increase Endowment Fund from 8% to 10% and then Merge & Center the   text across the range A12:D12. Apply the Heading 3 cell style. In cell A13,   type Goal   Amount.


Copy the range C6:D6 to cell   B13. Click cell C13, and then use Goal Seek to determine the projected amount   of Endowment Investments in cell B13 if the value in C13 is 10%.


Select the range A13:C13, and   then apply the 20% – Accent4 cell style. In B13, from the Cell Styles   gallery, apply the Currency [0] cell style.


From the Page Setup dialog box,   center the worksheet Horizontally, and then insert a custom footer in the   left section with the file name.


Save and close the file, and   then submit for grading.

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