Final exam , APA format , 8-10 pages 5 questions

Final exam , APA format , 8-10 pages 5 questions. Week 11 Final Exam

The ISAS600 Final Exam Questions are available below.  This Exam is due no later than 11:59 PM Sunday, April 19th.  Prepare your answers in a Microsoft Word document (.DOC or .DOCX) in APA Format which includes the Title Page, Paragraph Formats, Cites and References. Abstract and Table of Content are not required for exams.

  • Be sure that your answers directly answer the questions asked and that they are “keyed” to the specific part of the question. Include the number of the question you are answering.
  • Your answers should be concise while covering all applicable points/issues.
  • Be sure to incorporate the topics covered to date in class in your answers and cite references.
  • Spell, Grammar and virus check your document before submitting it.
  • Attach your Word file to the “Final Exam” Assignment within the “Assignments” area of the Classroom.
    • Title of your Word File should be “surnameFinalExam“, where Surname = your surname.

As noted in the Syllabus, all student work should be their own and reflect the learning/reinforcement of known concepts that he/she has obtained in this course.  Students should support their answers with cites appropriately formatted and properly documented on the Reference Page.  I am looking for your ability to be creative and persuasive, not a particular “right” answer. Exams will be graded on the following criteria:

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  • Logic – development of an argument, citing evidence to justify your position, and presenting it convincingly and coherently.  Note that cites without your supporting comments are not appropriate answers to exam questions.
  • Content – your answers should incorporate and appropriately cite material covered in the reading, lecture notes, discussions and URLs (Universal Resource Locators) into your responses.  Be sure to support your answers with appropriate cites and to document all cites on a Reference Page.  Paraphrased information does not require quotes, but copied information does.  Note that exams are intended to measure what you have learned, they are not research assignments.
  • Well organized, concise and succinct answers that directly address the questions asked.  Although your answers should be concise and succinct, be sure that they address all phases of the question asked.
  • Writing – proper writing, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.
  • Properly cited references.

Original Work:

Exam Answers must be original work written by you specifically for this course.  Recognizing that answers without cites are simply your personal opinions, your answers should be supported with appropriate cites consisting of classroom material covered in the course readings, lecture notes, discussions and URL (Universal Resource Locators) cited in the discussions.  Be sure to properly format cites and fully document them on the Reference Page of your exam.  Cites should be integrated into your answers not stand alone.  Paraphrased information does not require quotes, but copied information does.  Cites without appropriate explanations are not proper answers to exam questions.  Note that exams are intended to measure what you have learned, they are not research assignments.

  • Final Exam Instructions
    1. The Final Exam must be submitted to the assignment folder no later than midnight on Sunday, April 19th.   Please name your file:  LastnameFinalExam.
    2. There are a total of 5 questions to be answered. Solid answers should run about 8-10 pages for the total exam, with one-inch margin, double spacing, and 12-point Times New Roman font.  Use APA format, give appropriate citations, and reference your work.
    3. Answers will be evaluated on the following criteria:  key content, logical flow, clarity, and properly cited references.
    4. This is an open-book individual essay examination. You may use any resources in addition to the textbook, such as other books, articles, and the Web. Some questions may require research beyond the text, lecture notes, and conferences.
    5. You must do your own work. Collaboration with classmates is not allowed.
    6. If a question does not seem clear, e-mail me for clarification.
    7. Required Questions: 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (20 points each)

      1 – 3: You work for a small store that sells automobile tires. You see an opportunity to expand the business by offering more products and services to customers, including offering products and service via the Internet. The store does not have any computer applications supporting business functions.  Use this scenario for the first three questions but make sure you organize your answer to respond to each of the questions.

      1. Discuss your recommendation for e-business systems and Enterprise Business Systems needed to support the business growth?

      2. Explain the activities that should be performed in order to justify your recommendations?

      3. What challenges do you see in implementing the recommended technology/application software?

      4. Discuss and explain the privacy and security concerns AND associated security technologies necessary to protect the following information system.

      A health care organization is planning to implement an automated patient care system that will enable the health care organization to electronically share information with their patients. They would like to provide patients with access to medical records, submit consent forms for treatment, and enable electronic payment of bills using the internet.

      5. Although ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Systems are a great concept, implementation of such systems have a high rate of failure and often after such systems are installed the results may not be as desired. Discuss the reasons for such high failure rates, suggest ways to avoid such failures and if the system is not operating up to expectations, should it be replaced?

Final exam , APA format , 8-10 pages 5 questions

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