Final project for week 1

Due February 22 at 11:59 PMFinal ProjectClick here to access the final project description.Click here to access the Microsoft Excel file containing the final project database.For the final project, you will use the attached dataset to test the hypotheses stated in your final project description. Each week, you will complete a project related to this scenario and, in Week 10, will bring it all together into one cohesive report that contains:A brief introduction as given in the final project descriptionA methods section as given in the final project descriptionA description of your participantsA results section that contains all relevant data analyses completed throughout the ten weeksA discussion section in which you will summarize the research, discuss its relevance to the literature review given in the paper, discuss implications of your research, and suggest directions for future research.This Week’s Scenario and Tasks:Post any questions concerning the nature or process of the project to the Questions for the Professor area.Open the Microsoft Excel worksheet and save it to your hard drive as SU_PSY2008_W1_Project_LastName_FirstInitial

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