Final project principles of business management

This project covers the chapter regarding Control.


1. Describe the kind and strategies of control applied by your manager to control the employees’ job. Be specific by showing examples. In case you are not working, please, refer to your last job.

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2. Evaluate the control system applied by your manager by following the 9 characteristics of effective controls. According to the result of this analysis, please suggest how to improve it.

Submit the project as an attached word document written in APA Requirements. The project’s structure is as follows:

1. Cover page

2. Abstract (1 page)

3. Main Body (Three components: Introduction to the Company, what is your company about; Question 1 and Question 2). Main body must be, at least, four pages in length).

4. Conclusions (1 page)

5. References (1 page). Course textbook must be included in the references. In addition to the text book at least 5 academic reference and citation must be used . The text book may not be used as the sole source or for most of the paper.

Due Tuesday August 7, 2019 End of day

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