Financial Management Project

Financial Management Project.

Research an article from newspaper (or internet, or magazine. The essay should be related to our class study of time value of money and financial planning. Explain the essay with detailed numerical analysis. Summarize your research into a short paper.

To submit,

  1. A copy (file or picture) of the original essay your picked from publications.
  2. Your paper should be no more than ten

The grading will be based upon both numerical analysis and explanation.

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Guide for research

Below are some suggested candidates for research topics.

  1. Planning for retirement savings
  2. How much should you earn to justify the cost of your college education?
  3. How much is the value of attending the graduate school?
  4. Project planning
  5. For other topics, please contact the instructor.

Please note that these are open questions. You need to determine your financial needs, the time line, the financial parameters, and how you can achieve your financial goal.  

I have included some useful financial sources.

attached is a sample paper from a former student. 

Financial Management Project

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