Find latest 10-k financial statements of pepsi company

Income Statement Gross Profit Margin Gross Profit/Revenues Operating Profit Margin Operating Income/Revenues Net Profit Margin earning avliable for common stockholder/sales Balance Sheet Liquidity Ratios Current Current Assets/Current liabilities Quick Current Assets – Inventories / Current Liabilities Cash (cash-marketable sec.)/Current liabilities Solvency Ratios Long-term debt to equity LTD/Tot equity Debt to equity Total Debt/Shareholder’s Equity Total Debt Total Debt/Total Assets Financial Leverage Total Asset/Equity Cash Flow Statement Performance Cash Flow to Revenue CFO/ Net Revenue Cash Return on Assets CFO/ Total Assets Cash return on equity CFO / Avg. Shareholder’s Equity Cash to income CFO/Operating Income Cash flow per share CFO-Preferred Dividends/CSO Coverage Ratios Debt coverage CFO/Total Debt Interest coverage EBIT/Interest Expense Reinvestment CFO/Cash Paid for long-term assets Debt payment CFO/ CASH PAID LONG TERM Divident payment CFO/DIVIDENDS PAID Investing and Financing CFO/Inv cash outflow + financing cash outflow Cash Flows Equation Free Cash Flow to Equity CFO-FCInv+Net Borrowing-Net Debt Payment Free Cash Flow to the Firm CFO+Int(1-Tax)-FCI
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