First, submit your proposed topic for the opinion paper and turn this

First, submit your proposed topic for the opinion paper and turn this into me first so I can make sure the topic is ok. Provide the following:

Title of Paper (your topic)
Why this topic meets the requirement that the paper discuss one or more “Internet Privacy” issues.
Three different areas that will be discussed in your paper.

Submit a doc. A good place to look for Internet Privacy topics is (Links to an external site.)

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THEN, after I approve the topic, write it as a research paper on the topic itself, or a research paper with a theme of “for or against” the topic you choose. A “for or against” paper will still have research completed but will have research that gives support for, and research that gives support against your topic. In either situation the last paragraph will be your stance/opinion on the subject.

You must have the topic pre-approved by the instructor. Information on this is here.

The minimum word count for the paper is one thousand (1000) words. You must include a bibliography or list of references at the end of the paper. Follow APA guidelines for your paper

Your discussion of the issue must cover:

The Internet privacy/eithics issue;
Why the issue exists;
What is being done to address the issue, and
What you think should be done to resolve the privacy issue. (This is the final paragraph only)

The deadline to submit your opinion paper is no later than 11:59 pm on the due date given

Your paper will be graded based upon the 4 areas described above, as well as a portion (20 points) for the use of references, spelling, grammar, formatting and organization. Be sure to include a bibliography in your paper specifying the articles to which you refer in your paper. If you do not refer to an article in your paper, do not include it in the list of references. You must refer to those articles using APA citation format in the body of your paper. The reference section MUST also be in APA format. Wikipedia is not an acceptable reference.

You are encouraged to contact the CWU Writing Center for more information and assistance for writing your paper and formatting APA style.

A good place to start for ideas on your opinion paper is (Links to an external site.). and this list.Preview the documentView in a new window Also, the Cyberethics textbook contains a number of privacy issues that you might address in your paper. Be sure to look at the format of the included example of a well- written opinion paper listed below.




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