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i have to write three short essays to write. The book is The Intersection Collection writtien by Kathleen Tiemann. The pages for the assignemnt will be attached. the first essay is on pages 21-40. i need a brief summary of the chapter and choose one topic in the chapter and elaborate more on it. i need two scholary sources and 1 outside source. the book is also a source. There will be 4 sources all together.  two and a half pages. American sociological association format (ASA).


the second essay is on pages 51-70 in the same book. i need the exact same thing as the first essay. this is also 2 and a half pages. 2 scholary sources and 1 media source and book. 4 sources. ASA

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the third essay is a one page essay on pages 41-50 in the same book. you must define color blindness according to the article and discuss whether or not positions in the article help or hurt peopleof color. this only requires 1 media source and 1 scholary source and the book. 3 sources ASA.

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