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Article 1

Article 2

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Major Differences (Relating to Components) Between Quant/

Qual Designs



Levels of Evidence Provided by Each Study (Quant./

Qual) and Implications to Validity



Key Details of the two research approaches



Summary of the problem statement



Delimitations and/or assumptions



Definitions of concepts or terms



Hypothesis/research question



Research methodology






Implications of the study







Hi team, here are the two research articles we will be using for the assignment:


Quantitative: Hinkle, J.R. (2006). Variables Explaining Functional Recovery Following Motor Stroke. Journal of Neuroscience Nursing, 38(1), 6-12. Retrieved from




Qualitative: Mackintosh, J.E., Murtagh, M.J, Rodgers, H., Thomson, R.G., Ford, G.A., & White, M. (2012). Why people do, or do not, immediately contact emergency medical services following the onset of acute stroke: Qualitative interview study. PloS One, 7(10), e46124. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0046124


We are creating a Matrix for the assignment and there is a link that gives us an example of how we are suppose to be setting up the assignment.

Can you help me with this assignment for 70.00 it is a group assignment my name is by my portion in the matrix the boxes below my name are what we fill in usinging the articles I have enclosed  Please let me know

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