Formalizing the Research Prospectus

Formalizing the Research Prospectus.

Classroom Assessment! Topic: Problem Statement, Research Questions, and Hypotheses/Phenomena

DISSERTATION TOPIC: Factors Influencing Individuals’ Decision to not utilize Mental Health in Fort-Bend County, Texas.

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As you begin to establish the background to the problem… this is setting up the need. We need to get the word “gap” out of our minds. Rarely do we have a pure gap in research. Rather, we develop an argument (like a court argument) for the “need” for the study.

Answer the questions below:

1. What is the problem? (EX: special ed students are not passing the high stakes test in Texas).

2. Why is it a problem?

3. When did it start? (when did states start requiring students with special needs to take high stakes test on their grade level?)

4. How has it evolved over time? (brief description).

5. How is the current research trending? (go back to Week 2 and look at studies on the specific topic and show the results. What are the patterns of current research? remember the gap must be dated within the last 5 years for the dissertation, so consider your graduation date here. If you are graduating in 2020, then find studies no older than 2016).

6. How will your results add to the other results of studies on the topic?

7. How will your results, or how do you expect them to help in resolving the problem?

Formalizing the Research Prospectus

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