Fsmt405 week 5 review questions.

Chapter 10

1.  List two passive triggers that an ISO can employ to achieve safe behaviors.

2.  List two active triggers that an ISO can employ to increase safety.

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3.  List the three ISO traps and discuss how each can render the ISO ineffective.

4.  Who is ultimately responsible for incident safety?

5.  Describe the organizational relationship of the ISO within the ICS.

6.  What are the two primary communication tools the ISO uses?

7.  As a rule, how often should the ISO communicate with the IC at routine incidents?

8.  List the three barriers that cause communications to break down and the four indicators that a barrier is present.

9.  What is meant by a solution-orientation approach to problem solving? How is it accomplished?

10.  List the components of an incident action plan. Which components should the ISO focus on?

11.  What type of ISO actions can impact the incident action plan? How should the ISO process those actions?

12.  List the circumstances that may cause the ISO role to be transferred to another individual. What information should be transferred to the incoming ISO?

13.  When should an ISO expand the safety function to include ASOs?

Chapter 11

1.  What two methods help the ISO achieve a systematic approach in addressing ISO duties?

2.  List several advantages and disadvantages of using checklists.

3.  What is one of the biggest traps of linear thinking?

4.  List the five general duties of the ISO at all incidents (MEDIC).

5.  Describe the four steps that help an ISO become integrated at an incident.

6.  What are the five components of the firefighter safety system used for most incidents?

7.  Identify the consequences and hazards that the lack of accountability at an incident scene could create.

8.  What are the two forms of freelancing?

9.  Describe the relationship of risk management criteria and common incident benchmarks.

10.  An effective rehab component should include what elements?

11.  List the four-tier system of establishing and marking control zones.

Fsmt405 week 5 review questions

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