GB500 Business Perspectives Unit 1 Discussion, assignment help

Virtual Teams

In this week’s Reading and learning activities you learned about:

  • The increasingly competitive global economy
  • Why organizations need to be agile to succeed
  • The Marketplace simulation by viewing the Marketplace orientation
  • Your own skills and motivations to succeed

For this first Discussion, we will be looking forward to the roles that virtual teams serve in helping organizations to remain competitive and agile. This information will be important to you as you start Marketplace Simulation game play in Unit 2 and will also be a foundation for additional team Assignments that you will be completing throughout the MBA program. To respond to this question you will use all of these resources and others that you discover to discuss the following:

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  1. An organization you uncover in your research that have used virtual teams to support business growth and success in addition to any listed in your Reading (as discussed in Chapter 7 of Business Agility: A Sustainable Prosperity in a Relentlessly Competitive World). Cite specific examples of how the organization used teams and how it helped their success. If your current or past organization has worked with virtual teams, you may use these personal examples in your post. You may also include any personal experiences you have had working in virtual teams.
  2. How can these lessons be applied into overcoming the challenges faced by business start-ups,
  3. How the Marketplace simulation incorporates these challenges into simulation game play;
  4. How your Reading and individual self-assessment work provide potential solutions to these challenges.
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