Global Community

Provide evidence of globalization in your local context. Examine your community for evidence of globalization. What goods, services, and resources do you use on a daily or weekly basis that have global connections?

Use the graphic organizer provided to take notes as you go about your work in your community. The categories included on the graphic organizer are not complete; you may add more to the chart as you wish.

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After you assemble your list of global connections, begin to examine the moral implications behind them. What are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats to using having these global connections?

For example, I may decide to use wood to heat my home. It is a natural resource and one that I may have to import as there are a limited number of trees in Cyprus.The strength is that I and my family are warm. A weakness might be that I am harming the environment. An opportunity might be that I could discover that solar heating is cheaper and less harmful. A threat could be that using solar energy may have unintended consequences. What is my ethical justification for using wood?

Link each of the items you list to an ethical decision whether right or wrong. Make the chart as large as you like. Please make sure that your work is legible. I need to be able to understand the connections you make between the items you identify as being “global” to the decisions made about them.

In some cases, like international law, you may not have had a part of the decision making process. Address these items as best as you can.

Harvard referencing system must be used for any reference utilized.

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