Go19_ac_ch03_grader_3f_hw – degrees and students 1.0

  GO19_AC_CH03_GRADER_3F_HW – Degrees and Students 1.0


Project Description:

In this project, you will use a database to track degrees and grade point averages for honor students in the health professions program in preparation for graduation. You will create reports, modify a report in Layout view and Design view, group data in a report, and keep grouped data together for a printed report.

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Start Access. Open the file Students_Access_3F_Degrees.accdb   downloaded with this project, and then enable the content. View the   relationship between the 3F Degrees   table and the 3F Students table. One   type of degree can be awarded to many students. Close the Relationships   window.


Use the Report tool to create a   report based on the 3F Summa Cum Laude Graduates Query object.


With the report displayed in Layout   view, apply the Facet theme to only the report. Delete the Student ID field   from the report. Change the width of the Last Name, First Name, and Degree   text box controls to 1.25   inches.


With the report displayed in Layout   view, sort the records in ascending order by the Last Name field. Change the   width of the Program text box controls to 2.5   inches.


At the bottom of the report and in   Layout view, change the height of the calculated control that displays 8 to 0.25 inch.   For the page number control, set the Left property to 5 inches.


With   the report displayed in Layout view, select the title of the report and   change the font size to 14. In the title, change the word Query to Report.   In the body of the report, for the GPA field name, set the Left property to 0.25 inch (the GPA text box controls move   to the right, and all of the other fields also move to the right). Save the   report as 3F Summa Cum Laude   Graduates Report, close the Property Sheet, and then   close the report.


Use   the Report Wizard to create a report based on the 3F GPAs by Degree Program   Query object. Add the following fields (in this order) to the report:   Program, GPA, Last Name, and First Name. View the data by 3F Degrees, and do   not add any other grouping to the report.


Sort   the records first in descending order by the GPA field and then in ascending   order by the Last Name field. Summarize the report by averaging the GPA   field.


Be   sure the layout is Stepped and the orientation is Portrait. Name the report 3F GPAs by Program   Report,   and then finish the wizard.


Display   the 3F GPAs by Program Report in Layout view. Apply the Wisp theme to this   report only. Select the title of the report, change the font size to 16, and   then apply bold.


With   the 3F GPAs by Program Report displayed in Layout view, delete the controls   that begin with Summary for ‘Program’. Change the width of the Program text   box controls to 2.75   inches.


With   the 3F GPAs by Program Report displayed in Layout view, change the text in   the label control that displays Avg   to Average GPA by Program. At the top of the report, apply bold   formatting to the four label controls that display the field names.


With   the 3F GPAs by Program Report displayed in Layout view, select the GPA label   control, the GPA text box controls, and the calculated controls for the   average GPA. Change the width of the selected controls to 1 inch, and set the Left property to 3 inches. Close the Property Sheet.


Display   the 3F GPAs by Program Report in Design view. Select the following two   controls: the Program text box control (in the Program Header section) and   the Average GPA by Program label control (in the Program Footer section).   Align the right edges of the two selected controls. Save the report.


Display   the 3F GPAs by Program Report in Print Preview as two pages, and notice how   the groupings break across the pages. Display the report in Layout view, and   then open the Group, Sort, and Total pane. Set the grouping option so that each   group of program records is kept together on one page when the report is   printed, and then close the Group, Sort, and Total pane. Display the report   in Print Preview, and notice that the groupings are not split between pages.   Save the report, and then close the report.


If   necessary, close all database objects and open the Navigation Pane. Save and   close the database, and then submit for grading.

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