read The SMART Journal  and review the journal article, “Green Sports Facilities Are Becoming  The Gold Standard, by Robert A. Darwell and Huv Q. Nguyen, in the Sports  Litigation Alert Archives (July 2, 2010) in your APUS Online Library. 

 “Sustainability  is a comprehensive philosophy in which a variety of environmentally  friendly materials and procedures are utilized to help reduce energy  expenditures.” Over the last decade many individuals and organizations,  including the sports industry, have adopted this philosophy. Many of the  new and renovated stadiums are considered “green facilities.” Please  review the journal below, the resources in “lessons” and the Internet to  complete this assignment: You are the facility manager of a sports  facility of your choice. Upper management has asked for you to come up  with future plans to renovate or rebuild your facility making it a green  facility. Your assignment is to come up with 8-10 ways to make your  facility green and your reasoning behind each one. Use your imagination,  money is no object! Create your presentation using PowerPoint and be  sure to include graphics to support and enhance your presentation. 

 Use bullet points on your slides and place most of your written content in the Notes section of each slide 

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 You may  use sources from the APUS online library or other scholarly sources. Our  online library has many databases to choose from but I encourage you to  look at the following databases: 


Please do not just copy and paste from the internet all work must be original

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