The purpose of this paper is to provide the opportunity for you to explore a concept in
more depth. Choose a topic of particular interest to you that is relevant to leadership.
Think back on significant events in your nursing career (including clinical experiences in
this program) and identify a concept from the list below that will help you better
understand the dynamics and outcomes of that event, including the role you played and
how you demonstrated leadership or followership
Once you have chosen a topic,
There is no magic minimum number of articles but there should be sufficient
references to provide different perspectives on the concept and allow you to support
your argument. No reference is too old to be included and landmark articles are
important; however, they should be supplemented with current (within last 5 years)
information. Start this process early in the term, at least by week 5.
Analyze what the literature you have selected says about the concept. Identify the major
themes you find in the literature and create an outline for yourself to guide your writing.
Relate the findings of your literature research to nursing practice briefly (no more than 1
page). You may do this in the form of an exemplar that illustrates your points or simply
write from your own experience how the literature you have used relates to practice.
Grading Criteria for Leadership Paper

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