Guided Reading And Writing Lesson Plans

Guided Reading And Writing Lesson Plans. Hello I need help and this lesson is due Today 06/20/2020 . Can someone help me please.

Guided Reading and Writing Lesson Plans

Guided reading and writing groups can promote social skills in students, while giving educators another strategy to teach and assess learning.

Use the “COE Lesson Plan Template,” located in the Student Success Center, to create a lesson plan that incorporates reading and writing. Keep in mind, some lessons require several days for content to be covered. Consider how you can creatively incorporate guided reading and writing strategies into a collaborative classroom environment

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The lesson should include:

  • At least one reading and one writing standard from your state.
  • Guided reading and guided writing activities for the lesson.
  • Data from the field experience class to plan the instruction.
  • Collaborative writing groups to engage students socially.
  • Support for students with exceptionalities. In the Differentiation section of the lesson plan template, identify what you would do to support a student with exceptionalities. Use a different exceptionality than was used in Topic 2.  (If there is only one student with exceptionalities in the field experience classroom, seek input from your instructor to select a different exceptionality for a hypothetical student for this assignment.) For clarification, explain the delay or disability you are addressing on the lesson plan.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

Guided Reading And Writing Lesson Plans

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